O9 – Open source learning analytics dashboard to support student retention and success

One of the most important outcomes will be an open source software solution designed to support students particularly during the transition into the first year. This open source software for the transition into higher education will be the result of the adaption, extension, and contextualisation of dashboards based on integrated analytics system with a modular design that can be tailored to the different stakeholders, the available data, the different institutions, and the different educational contexts.

This work will be led by KU Leuven and Universiteit Leiden who will build new learning analytics tools for this purpose during the course of the project.

NTU already has a functioning learning analytics resource developed in conjunction with an external provider. Therefore the intellectual property at the core of the NTU tool cannot be shared. The University will support the development of the new learning analytics tool by sharing its expertise in bringing together institutional data for learning analytics and other practical help.

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