O7 – Report: strategy and tools to evaluate learning analytics interventions in the transition from SE to HE

This report will form the basis for our evaluation strategy to test the impact of learning analytics developed. The evaluation strategy fixed here will be a direct input for output 17, where the learning analytics interventions at the different partner institutions will be evaluated.

The evaluation will have to answer questions related to different aspects:

– Inputs

– Outputs

– Outcomes

– Impact

To answer these questions we will use an evaluation strategy that focuses on both quantitative and qualitative aspects and will include a study of cost, usability, (perceived) usefulness, efficiency, and effectiveness for all the stakeholders. The evaluation of learning analytics interventions is very challenging and still an open research question. Therefore, the depth and thoroughness of the evaluation will depend on what is achievable. However, we guarantee that for all the case studies the usability and (perceived) usefulness will be evaluated. Furthermore, the project will perform a full evaluation (up to effectiveness) of at least one of the case studies.

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