O8 – Reports: Three Institutional Case Studies

The three partner institutions start this project in different national contexts with differing sets of priorities. Importantly they start the projects with different levels of experience in the use of learning analytics.

Therefore, we will write three project case studies describing the work conducted. These will be written to aid our own reflection, but also to guide other institutions interested in utilizing learning analytics to support their students.

We will agree a common structure to help readers learn quickly the lessons from each case study.

Nottingham Trent University

Case Study 1 – Induction Activity 2016/17: Report (PDF) | Appendices (PDF)

Case Study 2 – Library Case Study: Report (PDF) | Appendices (PDF)

Case Study 3 – Mid Term reviews: Report (PDF) | Appendices (PDF)

Case Study 4 – No Engagement Alerts: Report (PDF) | Appendices (PDF)

Case Study 5 – Non-submission Alerts: Report (PDF) | Appendices (PDF)

Case Study 6 – Staff Survey: Report (PDF) | Appendices (PDF)

KU Leuven 

Case Study 1 – LISSA: Learning Dashboard for Insights and Support during Study Advice: Report (PDF) | Appendices (PDF) | Appendices Full Paper (PDF)

Case Study 2 – LADA Dashboard: Predictive Learning Analytics Dashboard for Student Advisors: Report (PDF)

Case Study 3 – Training to Support Student Advisor Use of the LISSA Dashboard: Report (PDF) | Appendices (PDF)

Leiden University

Case Study 1 – Study advisors: Report (PDF) | Appendices (PDF)

Case Study 2 – Institutional Challenges of Adaption of Learning Analytics: Report (PDF) | Appendices (PDF)